English Language and Literature, Teaching (ELT)

English is the global language of economics, politics, law, technology, media, communication and intellectual progress. The global need for English speakers requires higher education institutions to train staff who will professionally perform translation tasks from or into English, study the structure of the English language and improve English language teaching techniques.

Therefore, higher education institutions have a challenge to balance all these tasks with the acquired learning outcomes. This study program places more emphasis on teaching English, but does not neglect the other needs of those who speak modern English.

The study program of English Language and Literature - Teaching (ELT) prepares students exclusively for the career of a teacher or professor of English. The goals of the program are based on educating students primarily in the methodology of teaching English and educational psychology, and improving the knowledge of English as a foreign language.

Students of this program will develop their analytical skills, gain experience in the educational process, enrich their scientific perspectives and combine knowledge from different fields in order to deepen their expert competencies. Students will be asked to focus on research to develop creative abilities, critical understandings and academic creativity. The next goal of this study program is to provide future professionals, who will build their careers in the field of teaching English as a foreign language, with a deeper insight into the scientific field of language teaching, professional literature, research activities and continuing academic education.
In order to successfully complete this study program, students are required to defend a master's thesis.